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ERIEZ MA3500 640X480

MA 3000/3500

IFE System offers a wide range of search coils from Eriez Magnetics. Metalarm MA 3000/3500 series from Eriez are very user friendly and can be fitted to – Virtually any type of conveyor – In ducts, slides, etc All coils are manufactured in high density polyethylene and are fully screened to comply with EU ”EMU” regulations. All types of metal is detected with the Metalarm MA, which are suited for the protection of expensive machines to be able to eliminate malfunctions and downtime. There is a wide product range for the Metalarm MA 3000/3500 series. Plane underbelt coils, coils in vibratory troughs as well as bridge coils. The coils in these series are tailor made, almost every time, since every application is unique.

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